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The staff at Maids of Concord worked hard and diligently cleaning our home. Great atttention to detail an overall good experience.

Amazing job! We did the moving in deep clean and after The Maids were done it looked like a different house! I have a toddler and was worried about sanitizing floors, bathrooms etc. but now I have complete confidence that it is clean. Will definitely use them again!

I have a bathroom re-model going on in my home, so there was a ton of construction dust. Tiffany did a terrific job cleaning the room top to bottom. She was thorough, efficient & very friendly. I will be calling The Maids of Concord again for all my special cleaning needs :)

Today was my first experience with The Maids of Concord and it exceeded my expectations as many other reviews have stated. They don't cut corners, placed items exactly where they were prior to the clean, and were kind, positive, and provided great customer service. I chose this company based on its 5-star reviews across the board, and although it is no bargain or lowest price competitor with other services, you do get what you pay for, especially when entrusting strangers with your home and personal items. I had the spring deep cleaning done and the astute attention to minute details around seams of faucets, bathrooms, refrigerator inside, etc., pleased me greatly. I would refer them to anyone, anytime. Peace of mind plus a shiny, sparkly house for the start of the season is what you can expect with Kim's crew.

I was very impressed with the level of detail that the team displayed. They were very friendly and efficient. I like the fact that they worked in a team of 4. I will definitely be using them again.I was very impressed with the level of detail that the team displayed. They were very friendly and efficient. I like the fact that they worked in a team of 4. I will definitely be using them again.

Housecleaners come and go. Some are pros, some are not, and if you're lucky, they are fairly efficient, trustworthy and thorough, and keep things relatively clean. But, it's usually a gamble with people or groups you hardly know, and it is rarely consistent. The Maids of Concord are different, in every respect: it's a personal relationship, it's a bond of trust, and each member of the team is there, every week, to meet your expectations, and deliver a complete cleaning experience. They are family: and their approach to cleaning house is personal, they take pride in their work, they treat it as if it's their own home. It's a caring relationship that makes a difference. It's a much healthier environment for us, everything smells fresh and clean, everything sparkles. It's the best cost-effective solution I know for housecleaning.

I am so glad I found this company. The Maids Of Concord are the Steph Curry of the cleaning business! I checked every parcel in my home and found NOTHING was untouched, it was all clean. From the high cabinet tops to under the cushions. Very impressed with Kim's professionalism and tact. 5 stars!

Kim and her team are not for everyone however if you want the best clean your house ever had you will get it from them. I'm a local realtor with high end clients that insist on a quality clean. They know when you hire a team of professionals to do a quality job they may cost a bit more. They are awesome and my go to recommendation for all my clients. It's an amazing group of women!

Kim and her team have the highest level of integrity! You can always find cheaper but you get what you pay for!! If you are looking for OCD, hands and knees, toothbrushes and cleaning under the rim of your disposal kind of clean, then you found the right team!

Very professional and friendly people. Very impressed with their cleaning capabilities!

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Well, how can I say this? Everything was over the top!! First thing me and my brother recognized was your branding.. Great job on that!! The cleaning was amazing and it even smelled like a new house :) ... I can't express my appreciation enough!! Everything was perfect and you honestly not only made my day, but my mothers as well. Thank you!!