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Spring is in the air…and it’s making you wheeze. Consumer Affairs #1 Tip for Spring Allergy Sufferers this season is: Clean your home. “Cobwebs, pet fur, mold, and other allergens can accumulate over the winter. Give your home a deep scrub to eliminate existing allergens and get rid of mold, which can build up in basements and bathrooms and flourish in rainy spring weather.”

Ever invited someone to dinner, only to discover they’re extremely allergic to your cat or dog? Someone who takes the Benadryl AND their allergy medication, but breaks out in hives anyway? Experiences asthma? It’s a common situation that can be frustratingly difficult for both of you, especially when the allergy victim is a frequent visitor, like a grandmother.

Thanksgiving is coming, and if you’re cooking, you might be glancing over at the oven and wondering: when was the last time you cleaned it? Which is a bit silly really, because you can tell just by looking whether it needs cleaning. And like most of us, it definitely does.

Most of us have heard the virtues of Spring cleaning extolled since we can remember, but what about Fall? There are so many great reasons to give your home the thorough deep-cleaning it needs during these Fall months. Here are 5 of them.

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They came back yesterday (First Scheduled after my initial deep clean) - I have the Blue Team. . .they came thru my house like the WHITE TORNADO!!! My house SPARKLED!!!! I love that they will come back if they missed something - but, it looks like I won't have to use that card. . .at least not from what I have seen so far!!! I love my BLUE TEAM!!!! Thank you ladies!!!!