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If you need specialized house cleaning services, The Maids of Concord has you covered. Not all house cleaning companies do. We offer:


  • Maintenance program for high-traffic areas
  • No strong or harmful chemicals
  • Dries completely in just over an hour
  • Brightens, lifts and fluffs carpet fibers
  • Prolongs carpet life


  • Presoak window areas to remove paper labels
  • Wipe window dry
  • Remove streaks


  • Turn mattress to maximize life
  • Vacuum entire mattress
  • Clean bed springs and frames
  • Replace mattress cover and make bed


  • Vacuum refrigerator coils and underneath refrigerator, if on wheels
  • Clean and shine all shelves and crispers
  • Clean and shine freezer portion if unit has been defrosted and food has been removed prior to our arrival
  • Clean exterior of refrigerator


  • Remove and clean stove burners and drip pans
  • Scour oven, racks and broiler pan
  • Remove and clean knobs
  • Clean exterior
  • Shine Chrome

Kitchen Cabinets

  • Remove shelf paper if needs replacing
  • Clean heavily soiled areas
  • Clean and polish cabinet exteriors


  • Dust closet interior, light bulbs and fixtures
  • Clean horizontal clothes poles, hooks, tie and shoe racks
  • Vacuum floors

Chandeliers and Light Fixtures

  • Clean and shine fixture base
  • Clean light bulbs
  • Clean fixture globe, bowl or chandelier
  • Dry wipe electrical cords and lamp chains
  • Dust chandelier

Hard Surface Floors

  • Clean spots if necessary
  • Damp wipe
  • Vacuum
  • Remove scuff marks


  • Remove and dust all hangings
  • Dust the wall completely
  • Wash the wall
  • Hang objects in their proper position when the wall is dry

Move-In/Move-Out Services

  • Thoroughly clean kitchen: sink, counters, stove refrigerator, floor, and inside and outside cabinets
  • Clean closets, vents, patio glass doors and vacuum all floors
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms; tubs, showers, fixtures, sinks, countertops, medicine cabinets, drawers, mirrors, floor, light fixtures and toilets


  • Clean floor grout
  • Clean countertop group
  • Clean backsplash grout

Our Reviews

Very professional and friendly people. Very impressed with their cleaning capabilities!